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eHR2000 Human Resources Management System Series
Workflow Edition

Workflow Edition - The Best tool in monitoring and control

  • The most advanced tool that tracks process transactions
  • Standardizing and defining work methods and responsibility
  • Employee Self Service to track personal related information
  • Electronic approval / denial notification for employees and supervisors
  • Provide the most updated and suitable information to support decision making

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition - Integrated roster, attendance and payroll system

  • Monitor staff attendance, absenteeism
  • Simplify and streamlined that greatly shorten the payroll processing time
  • Oriented towards organizations such as manufacturing plants, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, department stores and other that have a large staff and emphasizes on staff work schedule and attendance.

Professional Edition

Professional Edition - Handle complex payroll calculation and cost control

  • Eliminates human error and more systematic audit trial provided for manpower cost control
  • Monitor and analyzed manpower cost
  • Higher level monitoring by providing a stable and secured platform to share and exchange information among relevant management personnel or departments.

Internet Edition

Internet Edition - Solutions for remote offices and business locations

  • Integrated system for staff profile, leave management, staff movement and payroll via the web
  • Sharply and immediately shorten payroll preparation time
  • Effective monitoring of employee in various remote offices at the same time

Standard Edition

Standard Edition - The best price and all-in-one solution

  • The best seller in the market.
  • Selected by reputable bank and MPF Service Provider as MPF and Payroll solution for their clients
  • All-in-one, with profile, leave management, staff movement, payroll, MPF, taxation and management reports
  • Skill-free maintenance that to maintain without professional technical support

Contract Staff Edition Contract Staff Edition - Administration-free solution to manage contract staff
  • Alerts for statutory reporting
  • Automatic calculation to fulfill the reporting of statutory payment such as MPF
  • Monitor manpower cost spending on contract / temporary / part time staff
  • Wise delegation of cost to enhance the capability of managing labour cost

Other HRIS Solutions Other HRIS Solutions - Interface with eHR2000 series seamlessly
  • Produce a broader or comprehensive employee control solution
  • Avoid duplicate data entry
  • Recruitment, training, performance management, manpower utilization and benefit management



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